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"Going to a new dentist is always a nerve wracking experience but I was recommended to Subramanian's office by a friend so I figured that was the safest bet. I'm glad I came. She was super friendly and kind - which goes a long way when you're talking about scary things like whether you have cavities and if those wisdom teeth need to come out finally. If you're new to the city or just looking for a new dentist I totally recommend her!" - Katie V. 

"Dr Subramanian is the best! I was cautious about my first visit to the dentist in admittedly too long, but the overall experience was pleasant and I have no concerns about going back as a regular patient." - Evan C.

"I met Dr. Subramanian about 3 years ago completely by chance. I truly believe I was fated to end up in her chair as I had always had a very bad history with past dentists. I had missing teeth that were removed in my youth because of overcrowding. For twenty years, I explored options for replacements including partials and bridges...been in braces twice and wore retainers with built in temporaries. Dr. Subramanian corrected some of my previous assumptions on implants and we took a journey together to correct a couple of very visible and embarrassing spaces.

"I moved to San Francisco about a year ago and have been in need of a great dentist in the city. I had my first appointment (xrays, exam, cleaning) with Dr. Subramanian yesterday, and I was extremely impressed with her level of expertise, professionalism, and friendly, welcoming demeanor. It is clear that she is very good at what she does, and she takes the time to be extremely thorough. Some added bonuses are the friendly staff, and beautiful views of the bay!!" - Michelle B

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